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Igniting social change by building digital resilience for global audiences

About Yasmin

Meet Yasmin London, captivating MC, Keynote Speaker and Media Commentator.

Yasmin London is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the empowerment and capacity building of Australians in the online world. With her unique no nonsense practicality, Yasmin equips people with the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure that technology enhances their modern lives, rather than detracts from them.

As a former World Champion athlete and tenured police officer, Yasmin’s diverse background & unique depth of experience enables her to drive positive impact at scale in her current role as the Global Director of Digital Resilience at Qoria. Through Qoria, Yasmin has had the incredible opportunity to impact over 27,000 schools, an astounding 22 million students and 5 million parents worldwide, guiding them on their digital journeys and empowering them to take control of their online lives.

Why Digital Resilience?

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, Digital Resilience has emerged as the most essential skill of the future. The online and offline delineation no longer exists as technology has become increasingly ubiquitous in our lives, and with it, so too has the need to build capacity to navigate the perils and pitfalls of these worlds. With advancements such as generative AI, augmented realities, and immersive technologies, it is crucial that we build resilience to adapt to any digital environment we encounter now, and into the future.

The online world presents numerous challenges; from cyberbullying and online harassment to misinformation and its significant impact on mental health. Without the necessary skills to identify harm, and the ability to proactively manage complex online situations to protect our wellbeing, we risk falling victim to these dangers. 

Digital Resilience empowers individuals to proactively safeguard themselves, applying practical strategies to mitigate risks and navigate the digital landscape with confidence.

Keynote Speaking

When Yasmin speaks, the world listens.

Whether it’s stepping onto the stage or in front of the camera, Yasmin’s charismatic presence commands the room. Her uplifting attitude, thunderbolt courage, and expertise as a Digital Resilience expert make her a refreshing and unparalleled voice on the speaking circuit.

Despite achieving a high level of success, Yasmin radiates humility and authenticity as an Educator, Motivational Speaker, Panel Moderator, Media Commentator, and MC.

Yasmin’s underpinning philosophy is about ‘keeping it real.’ Her secret weapon is taking complex information and delivering it in simple ways to appeal to any demographic. She understands that for people to step into their potential, they need someone to champion them along the way—she does it best!

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