One of a kind presentations

One of a kind presentations

Engaging, captivating, one of a kind presentations

As a chick who knows how to keep it real and have a bit of fun, I engage easily with people of all ages and stages. I consistently get rave reviews from the events I speak at, leaving audiences talking long after the lights go out.

Yasmin London was fantastic – great messages for those in leadership. Dynamic speaker. Engaging, I loved her!

Women and Leadership Australia

The police force was above all else, an education in human nature. Learning the power of persuasion early, I was challenged daily to communicate with purpose and deliver positive outcomes when it mattered most.

In a world that’s becoming increasingly lived online, the ability to deliver a message which is heard, has never been more vital. Effective communication is one of the most significant pillars of commercial and personal success; creating understanding, ensuring people feel valued, and reducing the sometimes catastrophic impact of mixed messaging.

If you aren’t on top of translating your message in a way your people understand, you’re already behind the eight ball.

The Power of Courageous Conversations

Most of us have found ourselves in situations where we needed to have a difficult conversation, but didn’t know how, or (to be honest) even the best way to begin.

You’re not alone. In fact, 53% of employees handle ‘toxic’ workplace situations by completing ignoring them, or spend an average of 2.8 hours each week dealing with difficult situations they don’t feel equipped to handle. True story!

This is where an act of courage, the ability to stay human and understanding how to communicate deliberately comes into play.

This presentation will teach you:

  • The core four human agreements
  • Strategies for tapping into human nature
  • Intel collection tactics
  • 6-steps to successful conversations

Diving Into Blue – Developing a Leadership Mindset

Look at the most successful people in business, and you’ll notice they’ve learned the lessons of strategic communication, empathy and courage. Most importantly they have also learned to harness their inner voice and use it to flip perspective for positive outcomes.

This presentation will teach you to:


  • See opportunities, and learn to leverage them
  • Develop a growth mindset
  • Get comfortable with the uncomfortable
  • Develop resilience strategies and focus on silver lining lessons
  • Create connection through authenticity
  • Play to your strengths

ySafe Digital Wellbeing Education

The online world is complex, with people often disregarding the very real issues surrounding online behaviours, and words that wound. Keyboard warriors, trolls and bullies have become commonplace, however those who equip themselves with contemporary online education strategies and management tactics will find they not only survive, but thrive online.

Whether you’re a young digital native (or raising one), or an adult navigating your own online terrain, these sessions deliver the inside information you need to manage life behind the screen.

These sessions are practical and strategy rich, and will help you understand:


  • Current Social media platforms and online behavioural trends
  • Current legislation and research on topical online issues
  • The gaming landscape, management strategies and persuasive technology tactics
  • Methods for managing digital distractions, and increasing productivity
  • Online Safety and communication strategies
  • Online Control tool software recommendations
  • Cyberbullying reporting pathways and management tactics
  • Effective online communication skills

An event is only as engaging as your MC

When you’re planning an event, you want your delegates to walk away on a serious high! As a skilled communicator, there’s nothing I love more than taking an audience on a journey, keeping them engaged and entertained throughout an event.

People describe me as spunky, edgy, quick, and fun; all the essentials you need in a killer MC. I read a room like nobodys business, and work that positive energy to ensure your guests leave buzzing.

Yasmin is so engaging – just fabulous!

Hugo Boss APAC

Yasmin’s presentation culminated in the most positive feedback we have ever had from any external speaker that has fronted our staff.

Royal Bank of Canada, Capital Markets

Yasmin’s parent session was the most useful and interesting presentation I have attended on anything, anywhere, and provided the most sensible, practical and realistic advice that I have ever seen presented on this topic.

Waverley College

I learned so much from Yasmin’s presentation that I can use in my everyday life. It was brilliant.

Femetech Revolution Conference

Yasmin exceeded expectations! Her knowledge, experience and expertise is one of a kind.

Citi Bank Women’s Network

The absolute highlight of our training day. Thanks Yasmin!

Scentre Group

For all ySafe enquiries please contact Yasmin  / 0404 636 398

For all other speaking enquiries, please contact:

Emma Boyd  – Saxton Speakers

Telephone: 03 8866 4012


Address: Level 1, 344 St Kilda Road,
Melbourne Vic 3004

For all ySafe enquiries, please contact Yasmin:  / 0404 636 398

For all speaking enquiries, please contact:

Emma Boyd  – Saxton Speakers

Telephone: 03 8866 4012


Address: Level 1, 344 St Kilda Road,
Melbourne Vic 3004