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Courageous Communication |  Developing a Leadership Mindset | Digital Wellbeing

Let’s be honest – employees aren’t always thrilled at the prospect of a training day. Sitting in a stuffy room where the best part of the day are the biscuits? I get it I’ve been there too!

As a communication expert, speaker and MC, I know how to engage your audience and get them involved in the workshop from the get go. I work with a range of clients, from large corporations to schools, government organisations and parent groups.

I break the ice early, capture attention easily and always leave people feeling packed with fresh perspective, and strategies for success.

Courageous Communication Workshops – Developing your personal #couragecrew

It’s common knowledge these days that a workplace is only as good as its people. Engaged teams lead to increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, higher morale and create an atmosphere of collaboration where feeling valued means everyone wants to come to work each day.

These sessions:

  • Help people identify and develop their own personal #couragecrew the motivators, mentors, skills and strategies each of us need to drive success.
  • Learn the value of empathy for connected communication, and why Google named it the most essential 21st century skill.
  • Discover how to tap into human nature, and develop the ability to help their workplace stand out.
  • Experience the value of storytelling in learning and development. With a background as an elite athlete and a police officer, I share my greatest challenges, how I turned the tables to create success, and how you can too.

“There are times in life when the cup overflows, and a workplace is no exception. Learning how to choose your perspective, to pivot, and perform under pressure are the tactics you need to futureproof success.”

ySafe Digital Wellbeing & Cyber Safety Workshops


Developed by ySafe’s award winning team, these workshops are designed to empower audiences in their knowledge around technology management, and its impact on their daily lives. Practical and solutions based, these sessions take the guesswork out of their digital lives, leaving them confident, equipped, and focused on the job at hand.

Topics by ySafe’s Award Winning Team

Setting up a Cyber Safe Home: Addressing the parenting digital dilemma- how to keep kids safe online? 

Developed with an appreciation of the complexities of raising kids in the digital age, these sessions provide realistic and digestible online safety information. This session, developed by specialist police, pschologists and education experts delivers strategy-rich, practical content that can be implemented immediately to promote safer online environments.

Hacking Digital Distractions

This session exposes the psychological tricks used to exploit our attention and wellbeing when it comes to devices, and offers attendees practical tips that can boost productivity, promote focus and encourage online wellbeing.

The Power of Personal Branding: Harnessing the Power of Employee Online reputations in Bolstering Company Brand.

In this session, employees are put in the driver’s seat, harnessing the power of their own online brand. By maximising the power of their online reputations and mitigating potentially damaging online reputational risks, this session help organisations capitalise on the talent economy of their employees and their executive in championing their company brand.

Yasmin is so engaging – just fabulous!

Hugo Boss APAC

Yasmin’s parent session was the most useful and interesting presentation I have attended on anything, anywhere, and provided the most sensible, practical and realistic advice that I have ever seen presented on this topic.

Waverley College

Yasmin exceeded expectations! Her knowledge, experience and expertise is one of a kind.

Citi Bank Women’s Network

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